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Originally founded in 1998 as the JWSN, my first foray into building websites and hosted on Geocities, was officially formed in 2003 as a grouping for my various projects, along with somewhere for friends to get their projects off the ground, it quickly turned into an early HUB for various BBS communities.


With the advent of Social Media, and the lack of funding and other factors, Syphernet Group was unable to keep up with the big players and eventually became the Shell/Portfolio Company it is today.


But that doesn’t mean there arnt plans for Syphernet Group, there has always been a Master Plan, but thundering forward isn’t the best idea.

Current Projects // Syphernet Group //

Syphernet Group Archive

Founded: N/A

Site Type: An Archive of Previous and Abandoned Projects

About: This is the archive of projects that have either ran their course or been abandoned in the life of the Syphernet Group.

Social Media

Founded: 2008

Site Type: Media Division and YouTube Channel


About: Originally a name to add to any Machinima projects I made, Pure Boredom tried to grow into a fully fledge YouTube Channel.

Unfortunately, life outside Syphernet got in the way and Pure Boredom became dust, although it is still technically active as the media division of the Syphernet Group and ideas are still flowing for if the opportunity arises.

Pure Boredom Media/Pure Boredom

Social Media

Founded: 2015

Site Type: Anthony's Personal Site and Portfolio


About: Anthony needed somewhere to put his Personal Stuff, this is that site. The one you are one now.

Social Media


Social Media

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