Hello, I'm DancingBeaver.

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This is Me, trying to sell myself.

I'm Anthony Jackson, also known as DancingBeaver.

I'm a jack of all trades, master of very few, but I am good at what I do, I can see things in my own unique way, and offer a new, unique way of doing things.

Founder and CEO/Managing Director of Syphernet Group and Pure Boredom Media, founded to consolidate all of my projects and ideas into one, major group.

Syphernet Group, founded officially in 2003 from a concept originally started in 1998, and Pure Boredom Media, split off in 2019 and started in 2008 as Pure Boredom, I haven’t stopped trying since to create and grow.

Gamer, Geek, Nerd - Its who I am.



Who I Am

I can do quite a few things, but I mostly specialise in Technology.

Building and setting up computers, installing Windows and Family Tech Support; Video Games and Streaming; Social Media Management; And finally running two companies, kind of.

I can do quite a few things, I can set my mind to pretty much anything, I will try pretty much anything.

I even built this site, and the others.

Syphernet Group

Originally founded in 1998 as the JWSN, my first foray into building websites and hosted on Geocities, Syphernet.com was officially formed in 2003 as a grouping for my various projects, along with somewhere for friends to get their projects off the ground, it quickly turned into an early HUB for various BBS communities.


With the advent of Social Media, and the lack of funding and other factors, Syphernet Group was unable to keep up with the big players and eventually became the Shell/Portfolio Company it is today.


But that doesn’t mean there aren't plans for Syphernet Group, there has always been a Master Plan, but thundering forward isn’t the best idea.

Pure Boredom Media

Pure Boredom Media, is the media division of the Syphernet Group.


Originally a YouTube channel with no real direction, Pure Boredom span off into its own company in 2019 to encompass all the media projects and YouTube channels that Syphernet Group run under one name.


Pure Boredom Media plans to become an all encompassing Media Company, with Video, Podcasts, Music and Video Games all supported by Pure Boredom Media.


I like playing Video Games, so DancingBeaver:Live is a natural thing for me to do;

Stream live on Twitch.

At least, that is the plan; I have everything I need to setup a half good starter stream, the only thing I'm missing, is people to play with.

DancingBeaver:Live will happen, one day.

What I Do

I always like working with people, creative and like minded people.


If you have an idea you would like my help with, use the form below to contact me, or find me on the Social Media links below that.

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